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About Prakratik Living


Prakratik is Sanskrit for Natural. It is derived from Prakriti, which can also be defined as the primal force, and is considered to be the basic building block of the Universe, thus the basis of all creation.

And that is what Prakratik Living is all about, being one with nature, taking from it, giving back into it, completing the cycle, with little wasted, and whatever is, being recycled. Living natural is protecting and honouring our body, our spirit, our environment, our planet. It is questioning our consumerist status quo and being open to old wisdom and new insights.

Our intention is to initiate a movement towards living natural. A community endeavour that helps each of us to connect better with nature and our own selves. We are putting together a catalogue of every single product and service that resonates with our philosophy. And we are working to ensure that you can access them at your door step or at a store near you.

We believe that change is possible one step at a time. We are guided by our values system, which is made of 9 Pillars.

These are our guiding stars, our touchstones, our platinum standard for where we want to be. We are work in progress and we cannot do this alone, in fact we would not want to, even if we could.

Prakratik Living is a positive and experiential way of being that respects nature and seeks to achieve harmony with it. It is meant for those that are willing to go that extra to find products and services that resonate with their wanting to be more gentle with life.

And Together we can make this 'The Future of Living'.

Welcome to Prakratik Living !

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