Chatpati Bhel

Chatpati Bhel

Serves: 4 › Ready in:15-20Min .


Goose berries 250 Grams

Sugar 300 Grams

Ghee 3/4 Cup

Corn flour 1 Tablespoons

All-purpose flour 1/2 Cup

Cashew nuts 2 Tablespoons

Cinnamon powder 1 Tablespoons

Ginger 50 Grams

Rs. 1060


1. Boil goose berries and remove seeds from it, then grind to make paste.

2. Boil the ginger without skin and grind to make thick paste.

3. In a hot bowl add sugar and water to make sticky one string consistency syrup.

4. Now add goose berries paste, ginger paste and start mixing with spoon by adding ghee also.

5. Once it becomes a thick paste add all-purpose flour, corn flour, cinnamon powder and mix it uniformly with a spoon.

6. When ghee comes out, switch off the flame and take into another plate by applying ghee to it.

7. Cut into pieces and garnish with cashew nuts.

8. They are ready to serve now.

Medicinal Properties

This recipe suits all in all seasons because of combination of amla and adarak-cold and hot. Both are well known for their medicinal properties and improves digestion, builds immunity and good for respiratory problems.

Dosha Analysis

Amla is balancing for all doshas especially pitta and adarak is good for vata and kapha so this recipe suits to all and don’t disturb any dosha. Care should be taken while eating for obese because of ghee and sugar. To reduce the calorie and carbohydrate content, one can use stevia powder for sweetness.

Nutritional Info:

Per Serving: 230.3kcalories, 8.4g total fat, 37.4g carbohydrates, 0.9g dietary fiber, 1.09g protein.

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