Cinnamon Bark (50gm)
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Cinnamon Bark (50gm)

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The easiest way to take. A maximum of 1 tsp. (5-6gm) of Cinnamon powder per day in divided doses.

The best way is to boil it into a Cinnamon stick Tea or soups.

Make Cinnamon Orange Water - Boil some Cinnamon sticks, let it cool and add a slice of orange and take it in your water bottle to work or the gym.

Add to Rice - Add a Cinnamon stick when you cook rice. Gives a beautiful fragrant flavor and smell.

A stick of Cinnamon added to Asian curries adds warmth and depth to the the dish.


Health Benefits

As per Ayurveda, it pacifies Vata and Kapha, but may aggravate Pitta. It also improves digestion, removes toxins, improves circulation and helps to warms the kidneys.


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