Breakfast Recipes

We all know that breakfast, also called the brain food, is a meal that cannot be skipped, and no meal is as satisfying and pleasing as a healthy and tasty breakfast. But, busy mornings make it really difficult for many people, particularly working people, to prepare a nutritious breakfast and frequently they end up skipping it. So, at Prakratik Living, we have created a wide range of healthy, simple yet tasty and delicious Indian breakfast recipes that use readily-available and nutritious ingredients. Some of our healthy breakfast recipes include Healthy Red Poha, Healthy Low Calorie Idlis, Jowar Uttapam, Crispy Matar Dalia, Cinnamon Oatmeal, Egyptian Bean Breakfast and many more.


Earlier breakfast meant simply consuming puris, parathas and other fatty options. But, with an increase in diseases such as diabetes, gastric pains, high cholesterol, more and more people are switching to fat free alternatives. We provide low sugar and low salt healthy breakfast recipes, especially for diabetics and hypertensive patients. Our breakfast recipes are balanced and containing carbohydrates, fiber and proteins. This great combination will surely provide you with long-lasting energy. Moreover, our breakfast recipes provide you the energy boost you need to get you through the morning.


Our healthy breakfast provides you all the nutrition that you need to stay healthy and fit. Also, combined with exercise, healthy eating can work really wonders on your body. Our healthy and delectable breakfasts are the best to kick start your day the healthy way.


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