Indian One : Whole-Day
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Indian One : Whole-Day

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One of Our Pillars is 'Transparency' so we tell you everything Upfront which others dont. Food Products on our website are bench-marked to the finest National and International Standards, and recognized by universally respected third party agencies affiliated to certifying regulatory bodies like the National Organic Program (USA), EU-Eco-Regulation (Europe), National Programme for Organic Production (India), etc. Our Mission is to provide you with 100% Organic and Certified Export Quality Products, however Fruits and Vegetables (F&V) and Herbs etc. may not be always Organic due to unavailability and so we might substitute them with Natural Products. We encourage you to contact us for any Product Specific details in case of any questions and/or further read detailed Disclaimer. Text and Images are for Informational and Educational purpose only and should not be considered as a substitute doctor's advice. Consult your doctor or CLICK HERE for One-to One Consultancy from our doctors / dieticians. CLICK HERE to know more about the Health Benefits, Nutritional Information and ways to Consume the Products of this Basket. You can also write to us at and/or call us at 180030004933 to connect with one of our Health Experts to further Personalise your Prakratik Health Basket. 

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For those who need or want even more, Prakratik Living has customized Diet baskets, called 'Body Craft Baskets' that take into account specific challenges of the body, including age, immunity, weight and disorders. We have baskets for expecting & lactating women, for women with young children, for weight watchers, for diabetics and hypertensives, and baskets that are rich in protein, iron, calcium, antioxidants, and more. So go ahead, craft your body ! Click Here to know your Prakriti type, and then go the corresponding category of baskets or produce. We can also further personalize the basket as per your Prakriti, post a one-on-one consultancy. Please Click Here for the same.


It helps in weight loss and digestion, is low on the glycemic index, is packed with free radicals eliminating antioxidants and has the ability to lower blood cholesterol.


Contains four flavours: hot, bitter, sweet and pungent. It provides strength, manages phlegm, is useful with excessive urination and beneficial to hair. 


Contains four flavours: hot, bitter, sweet and pungent. It provides strength, manages phlegm, is useful with excessive urination and beneficial to hair. 


A rich source of proteins, dietry fiber and omega 3, it helps protect the heart, reduces menopause effects, promotes bone health and reduces risk of diabetes.


Ideal for weight management as they are low in calories and fat, high in dietary fiber and rich in folic acid, vitamin C & K, potassium, magnesium, iron and also calcium.


As long as it's processed carefully it has the same amount of calcium, protein and vital nutrients as liquid milk, with the benefit that it is convenient to use and carry.


These are sattvic nuts that produce ojas as per Ayurveda. They are energizing, balance the mind, and their calcium and magnesium helps with smooth muscle functioning.


They are rich in essential nutrients, an excellent source of B & E vitamins, dietary minerals & fiber, mono-saturated fatty acids and are packed with proteins.


They are warm, stimulating and rich in fiber, vitamin B & E and magnesium. Because of their astringent nature they are good for balancing Kapha.


Loaded with nutrients, it is a staple of athletes and muscle builders. It increase Kapha, reduce Vata & Pitta, and its sliminess softens the GI tract in Vata. 


They reduce inflammation, manage cholesterol, improve detoxification and are filled with protein, dietary fiber, all B vitamins and vitamin E.


One of the best nutritional vegetables, it is a very good source of Vitamin C, contains high levels of calcium and vitamin K and is also packed with soluble dietary fibre.


Since it is light, heating and dry, it is beneficial in disorders like diabetes, excess weight, oedema and excess Kapha prakratis. It is also a very good source of vitamin B.


These legumes are known in Ayurveda for their cleansing ability and contain vitamins A, C & E, phosphorous, magnesium, iron, calcium as well as potassium.


Widely consumed, it contains B-complex vitamins that produce red blood cells, keeps the nervous system healthy, and contains dietary fiber and essential minerals.


It is used as a seasoning in tomato paste, has many medical applications and is used as an insecticide as well as a bactericide. The dried leaves are used as a spice.


Rich in soluble fiber and so is good for removing bile from the body, also improves blood circulation, and is a rich source of dietary fiber, protein, phosphorus and iron.


It is good for those suffering from bile reflux, improves blood circulation, and are a rich source of dietary fiber, protein, phosphorus and iron.


A healthy cereal that can be had as a peppery and healthy snack, it is light, dry and ideal for the obese people. It is high in iron and easy to digest..


A 100% vegetarian high quality protein source, it is recommended for diabetics, expectant mothers, children, cardiac patients, weight-watchers and the aged.

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