Healthy Eating Cheat Sheet

Healthy Eating Cheat Sheet
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Each New Year's Eve, we promise to eat healthy. That resolution lasts for a few weeks – which is right about now for 2016 – and then we fall back into our old habits. But that's because we confuse healthy eating with plain old starving. What we are talking about here is a change in lifestyle, which while difficult will give us so much more energy and results that we will start to enjoy it. And these are principles that have been endorsed for years by various health organizations. Most interestingly there is no dogma, we can adapt it to fit into any routine.

Here are Some of the core concepts to healthy eating:

1. Stop or reduce the intake of processed food and choose whole, fresh natural foods. These are foods that have not been tampered with in a lab. These are usually farm fresh fruit and vegetables and meats, low fat dairy products and unsalted nuts. Refined usually adds nothing to our diet except calories.

2. Limit or eliminate intake of the five deadly whites:

White Refined Sugar

White Salt

White Potato

White Polished Rice

White Bread

3. Include protein, carbohydrates and good fats in every meal. We often miss adding protein to our diets especially at breakfast and lunch. Protein is a muscle builder and an appetite suppressor.

4. If we can have 5-6 small meals spaced out throughout the day, we will tend to not overeat. This will also keep our blood sugar levels in check and we won’t run out of energy.

5. Keep hydrated through the day and drink 2 glasses of water about 15 minutes before a meal in order to get a feeling of fullness and reduce the number of empty calories that we consume.

6. Chewing properly will help digest the food but also give a sense of fullness. Not only does this result in eating lesser but we will also savour what we eat.

Healthy Eating is also about changing the way that we plan meals. For e.g. instead of browsing the aisles which are loaded with processed food, we should head straight for where the fresh and organic fruits and vegetables are stored. Using such natural ingredients will make it healthier and more nutritionally sound for our bodies. Relying less on processed foods means we have already begun our journey towards clean health. And do read the ingredients: if we can't pronounce it, we don't eat it.

And what do we do with our cravings for certain foods? Should we cave in and have a nibble or deprive ourself? One option is to try to substitute. As an example, missing chocolate can be a sign that the body needs magnesium, and so some nuts or seeds like Sesame Seeds, Brazil Nuts, Almonds, Cashews, and Peanuts, might help.

By substituting smartly, we not only eat healthy, but also give our body the nutrients needed for energy and overall good health. If these foods don’t satisfy the cravings, then we could try and cook the food being craved. And adding different spices can change the flavour of the dishes while adding minerals and vitamins to the diet. The old culinary ways of our parents and grandparents are now the latest trend.

When first starting a clean eating lifestyle, step 1 is to prepare a list of foods and ingredients that we should consume. Then clean out the pantry and refrigerator and put back only whatever is on the list. Ensuring that five whites are removed or reduced is important. Then shop for the balance.

It is foolhardy to expect every meal or snack to be healthy. It is al-right to fail and to start again. It is a journey of a thousand bites. And it might take some time before we feel the effects. Eating better will make our body feel and look better, giving a greater sense of self-worth There will be more energy and a natural glowing skin. After awhile, we will begin to wonder what took us so long to change. So let's make 2016, and each year from now on, a year when we don’t quit on our potential healthy selves ourselves after a month.


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