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Let’s go organic with Prakratik Living organic foods online. As per Ayurveda, there are three body doshas- 1) Vata, 2) Pitta and 3) Kapha. These are forces, which when imbalanced, result in disturbances and diseases. We understand that knowledge is not enough and an easy and effective way to harmonize the doshas is necessary. So have on board Ayurvedic and other experts. With their guidance, you can now order from Prakratik Living, Ayurvedic products online anywhere in India with the knowledge that they are a solution to your needs.


We provide everything at our online store, right from Lemon Tea, Sugar-Raw & Unrefined to Almonds, Amaranth Seeds, or Amla Candy Spicy, Amla Candy Spicy to Barley Flour, Flax Seeds. Everything is organically produced and sustainably made. Apart from, all healthy organic food items are enriched with natural supplements needed to keep our body and mind in a good shape. Organic food has great nutritional values, vitamins and rich minerals. Also, organic food is risk free in terms of the contaminations of deceases such as liver problems, cancer and obesity. This is the prime reason that the new generation is moving towards Organic Food consumers.


All organic foods items are produced by organic farming, which features cultural, biological and mechanical practices that promote ecological balance, foster cycling of resources and conserve biodiversity. At Prakratik Living, you will find everything has gone organic. Adopt organic lifestyle to avoid pesticides as well as genetically modified ingredients in food.


Buying organic food online is the recent trend in India, and the price of these foods is not too expensive. If the organic food is ordered in bulk quantity, then the price of it will go down as well.


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Saurin Desai

I am a writer, work till late in the night and often wake up early for meets, that combined with my poor eating habits means I have low immunity and I fatigue easily. But ever since I have started consuming products recommended by you'll, I have started to see a noticeable difference. Thank you. Have already highly recommended Prakratik Living to several friends. All the very best and count me in as a regular customer.

Neha Sharma

Good effort with good concept to provide exactly what people need at this hour of time.Liked your concept of baskets , will contact your consultants to know the right way of taking certain products.Would be more glad if my next order comes to be a bit early.

Deepshikha Shukla

One stop shop for Natural, Healthier, Tastier and nutrient diet.

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