How to consume Moong Daal (Whole)

How to consume Moong Daal (Whole)
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The fibre and protein content makes it suitable for the weight loss.

Can be taken in following ways:-

1. Can be eaten in the form of sprouts.

2. Can be roasted or fried and taken as a snack.

3. Can be grinded into wet paste and iddlis or utappam or cheela can be made out from it.

4. Can be eaten simply as pulses.

5. Can be used in stuffings in paratha, kachoris etc.

6. Soup can be made out from it.


Health Benefits:

It is dry and warm, which is good for Kapha, according to Ayurveda. It has antioxidants, dietary fiber, B-complex and C vitamins, as well as manganese and phosphorus.

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