How to consume Spices- Cloves

How to consume Spices- Cloves
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Relishes, chutneys, and pickles, Cloves make a spicy addition to many of these condiments.

Boil a few buds in water and inhale the steam to get some relief from respiratory ailments.

Add crushed or ground cloves to cakes and desserts requiring a warm, spicy flavour.

Use cloves in Indian cuisine. Cloves are a popular addition to many curry dishes and to biryani.

Make coffee figs with cloves.

Use them with pumpkin and squash dishes; the cloves complement the flavours of these fruit vegetables well.

Boil some ground cloves as an after-meal tea to support weak digestion, relieve nausea or even prevent vomiting.

Directly chewing whole buds or rinsing your mouth with the oil mixed in water can reduce oral bacteria and freshen up your breath.


Health Benefits:

Generally known as lavang, it is useful for diabetes, fever, cough, cold, vomiting, indigestion, itching, allergy, headache as well as for excessive hunger and thirst disorder.


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