Prakratik Living 9 Pillars

Prakratik Living: Nine Pillars

Everything that is built to last needs a foundation and so is built atop pillars. Our belief is our foundation, and we are building Prakratik Living atop nine pillars that guide us along every step, helping us to make decisions with an empowering clarity.

However, even though these are pillars, they are not set in concrete but are fluid enough to transform and evolve. As we are work in-progress, so are these. Imagine a map that you use to get to a place and when you do and see new developments, you add those to the map, and it gets updated for the next journey, one guiding and making better the other.

So what are these 9 Pillars and what do each of these stand for ?


Which is existing in or is Produced by Nature

Refers to that which is existing in or is produced by nature, not artificially (directly or indirectly by humans). Our natural products are produced from natural sources with zero or minimal processing and thus do not include any artificial chemicals, additives, hormones, or any ingredients that were not originally meant to be.



Such products, including food, are made from produce that's grown using renewable resources, while maintaining the conservation of soil and water, and without the use of artificial pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics or growth hormones. Our organic products are certified as India Organic, USDA Organic (USA) and / or EU Organic.


For us this is a state of mind and is all embracing. Every product and service of ours is carefully chosen to ensure that it enhances your life. This of of course means that most producers and suppliers do not meet our very stringent norms, and we want to keep it that way. For instance our food produce is wholesome, nutrient rich, chemical free and has only good fats that are healthy for you and your loved ones.


This is not just a word for us. Many products that are wholesome at source have impurities by the time they reach you, the end user. Whether by intention or negligence, the net effect is harmful to our body. We ensure through stringent quality control norms that at every stage, from producer to you, purity is never compromised.



Natural is Sustainable, Natural Is Healthy

Increasingly a pre-requisite for long term business value. In an increasingly fragile world, it is necessary that our needs are met without damaging our planet's 'integrity, stability and beauty'. And that's why we are working towards sustainability, both upstream and downstream, right from when the product is made through the packaging, transportation, to the ultimate disposal.


Means making conscious and careful choices in everything that we do and consume. We are constantly seeking wisdom and insights from experts and will continue to share the same with you at every step. We are aware that the environment is a stakeholder in our endeavour and a percentage of what we earn goes to causes that seek to create harmony with nature. We welcome your support.


Sourcing from close-by regions is desirable as it supports the local community, reduces carbon footprint, ensures fresher produce and reduces travel time. Every product and service is first sourced locally and we are initiating programs that will help supply partners to bring their practises up to our requirements. We also actively encourage and support community entrepreneurship for products and services that are not available.



Not just our intentions but also actions are open to scrutiny. Our open-book policy is designed to foster trust with our employees, patrons, vendors, partners and investors. Our philosophy is to ensure clear and ongoing communication with every stakeholder, and which includes you. We are easily reachable through our cell phone, email, messaging and social media.


Towards a Whole Earth Catalogue

A wide range of products and services is essential to ensure that we can meet all of your needs in one place. Our vision is to create a whole earth catalogue but which will continue to be true to all the other pillars. We are continuously evaluating new partnerships, and would love to hear from you about possible synergies.

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