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Diet Basket- 'Protein Plus'

(Food Products in this Basket are 'Certified Organic' Products)

Our exclusive Diet baskets will help you find the right balance between what's good for your health and what's good for your tongue.

Proteins are the basic building blocks of our muscles, bones, skin, hair, and virtually every other part. since each and every cell of our body contains protein and it is this protein that repairs damaged cells and even makes new ones. Even the haemoglobin that carries oxygen in our blood is built from it. And additional protein is crucial for children, teens, pregnant women, athlete and those who workout. Prakratik Living's Protein Plus basket, part of the Body Craft range of baskets, is built for those who need a one-shop Protein fuelled diet.


Cow Pea

It helps in weight loss and digestion, is low on the glycemic index, is packed with free radicals eliminating antioxidants and has the ability to lower blood cholesterol.

Oat Flakes

Loaded with nutrients, it is a must for athletes and muscle builders. As per Ayurveda, it increase Kapha, reduce Vata & Pitta, and its sliminess softens the GI tract in Vata.

Urad Daal

Rich in vitamins, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, dietary fibers and devoid of cholesterol, it helps to balance Vata Prakriti, as per Ayurveda.


They are starchy but high in dietary fiber, protein, vitamin A, B6, C & K as well as phosphorus, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc. It is found to lower risk of heart disease.

Moong Daal Mangodi

A protein powered snack, it is oil free and is thus light on the stomach and so easy to digest. It is very good for lactating and expecting females as well as for children.

Roasted Chana Daal

Rich in dietary fiber, it helps to lower cholesterol and is low in fat. It has a very low hypoglycemic index and is a good source of zinc, folate, calcium as well as protein.

Chana Sattu

This is a natural food that provides a balanced diet, is healthy for the intestines. energises and refreshes, and its cooling property provides protection from a heat wave.

Kabuli Chana

It has high dietary fiber and protein as well as vitamin B & C, manganese as well as iron. It can stabilize blood sugar, lowers cholesterol and is also good for weight loss.

Cow Milk Powder

As long as it's processed carefully it has the same amount of calcium, protein and vital nutrients as liquid milk, with the benefit that it is convenient to use and carry.

Urad Papad

Papad made from this dal is a healthy and tasty alternative to those made from other sources. It is thus good for the heart. It is also a good source of protein and energy.

Sesame Seeds

These contains four flavours: hot, bitter, sweet and pungent. They provides strength, help in managing phlegm, are useful with excessive urination and beneficial to hair.

Arhar Daal

It contains very high levels of protein as well as important amino acids. It is easily digestible as it is high in dietary fiber, low in saturated fat and is cholesterol free.

Amaranth Seeds

These are gluten-free and easy to digest, they have a very high protein content as well as amino acids like lysine and methionine, which are rarely available in grains.

Wheat Flour

This is sweet to taste and cold in potency. It nourishes the body, provides energy, aids in constipation, helps in healthy weight gain and also acts as an aphrodisiac.


Useful for constipation, anemia, fever, sexual dysfunction and also for healthy weight gain. They also have a positive impact on teeth, eyes and bones.

Soyabean Whole

A rich source of proteins, dietry fiber and omega 3, it helps protect the heart, reduces menopause effects, promotes bone health and reduces risk of diabetes.


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Note: Products on our website are bench-marked to the finest National and International Standards, and recognized by universally respected third party agencies affiliated to certifying regulatory bodies like the National Organic Program (USA), EU-Eco-Regulation (Europe), National Programme for Organic Production (India), etc. Our Mission is to provide you with 100% Organic and Certified Export Quality Products, however Fruits and Vegetables (F&V) and Herbs etc. may not be always Organic due to unavailability and so we might substitute them with Natural Products. We encourage you to contact us for any Product Specific details in case of any questions. Text and Images above are for Informational and Educational purpose only and should not be considered as a substitute doctor's advice. Consult your doctor or CLICK HERE for One-to One Consultancy from our doctors / dieticians. CLICK HERE to know more about the Health Benefits, Nutritional Information and ways to Consume the Products of this Basket. You can also write to us at and/or call us at 180030004933 to connect with one of our Health Experts to further Personalise your 'Prakratik Health Basket'.

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