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Terra Wash +Mg


Terra' meaning 'Earth' in Latin, Terra Wash+Mg is the new laundry revolution from Japan! Let's change the world with power of miracle element, magnesium!


Product Features

* Reusabe for 365 washes / 1 year (Save time and money!)

* Best in Odor Removal [Fragrance Free] (About 10 times stronger than regular detergent)

* Human friendly (100% free of toxic and synthetic chemicals = Perfect for sensitive skin and kids)( Protects people's health by   keeping the washing machine hygienic)

* Earth friendly (Leaves zero trace of chemicals and save tons of water and power)

* Fabric friendly (Keeps fibers and color / Great for organic cotton) and Antibacterial

* Best Quality (Made in Japan using patent-protected innovative technology with certified test results)


Power of Magnesium

4 major elements consisting 91.2% of earth are iron (32.1%), oxygen (30.1%), silicon (15.1%), and magnesium (13.9%). This major and abundant element, magnesium, known as a king of mineral, is vital to maintain and enhance our daily health and its ions are essential to cells of all known living organisms. Over 300 enzymes require the presence of magnesium ions for their catalytic action. It is also known to help stabilize nerve excitation, maintain blood pressure, and function heart and muscle properly in human health. Recent studies have been finding more about great influences of the miracle element, magnesium, to human heath. You can learn more about the importance of magnesium for our health from the book written by Dr. Carolyn Dean (The Magnesium Miracle, Revised and Update Edition, 2006).


Terra Wash for You..

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