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Vedic Basket- Brain Wave

(Food Products in this Basket are Certified Organic Products)

Prakratik Living's Vedic Food Baskets are holistic, good not just for you body, but also your mind and spirit. Vedic Eating originates from the knowledge of Ayurveda and focuses on balance through understanding of your constitution.

Since ancient times an Ayurvedic diet has been recommended in order to keep the brain under balance. It is said that eating excess of rajasic or tamasic foods create a chemical imbalance in the brain, resulting in reduction of the brain's power and rise of mental diseases as well as health disorders in the body. The mind is the seat of our consciousness and the super computer that runs every aspect of our life. It is thus essential that it gets all the vital nutrients that it needs. Prakratik Living's Brain Wave basket, part of the Body Craft Basket range, is designed to ensure that your brain keeps active and your memory stays sharp.


Shankhpushpi Powder

As per Ayurveda, it helps with blood circulation to the brain, and is good for memory, concentration, stress reduction, sleep, and cholesterol maintenance and in anti-ageing.

Brahmi Herbal Coffee

This will give the benefits of a very powerful herb in a flavored coffee (beverage). The concoction promotes blood circulation and is very nourishing for the nerve cells.

Multigrain Flour

This is a combination of unrefined flours that has the bran, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals of different grains. It prevents constipation and helps to lose belly fat. Various minerals and vitamins present makes it good for brain.

Oat Flakes

Loaded with nutrients, it is a staple of athletes and muscle builders. It increase Kapha, reduce Vata & Pitta, and its sliminess softens the GI tract in Vata. Rich in carbohydrates thus provides energy power to brain for smooth functioning.


These are sattvic nuts that produce ojas. They are energizing, balance the mind, and their calcium and magnesium helps with smooth muscle and nerve functioning.

Moong Daal Green (split)

These legumes are known in Ayurveda for their cleansing ability and contain proteins, vitamins A, C & E, phosphorous, magnesium, iron, calcium as well as potassium which makes it good for the proper functioning of brain and nervous system.


They are also called kidney beans because of their shape. A good source of fibre and protein, they help to stabilize blood sugar level and boost levels of iron in the body. Vitamin K present in rajma is excellent for brain functioning.


It is sweet with an astringent after taste, is heavy, dry and cold. It aggravates Vata Prakriti, scrapes Kapha, and normalizes Pitta and Rakta. It is a source of carbohydrates. The anti-oxidants present prevents damage to brain cells and boosts memory.

Green Tea

Reduces stress, is rich in antioxidants, enhances stamina, builds immunity, eliminates toxins, revitalizes and enhances respiratory functions.

Flax Seeds

Rich in fiber, it is an excellent source of omega-3 that helps lower blood pressure and is anti-inflammatory. Recommended in smaller quantities. Good for brain also.

Cow Ghee

According to Ayurveda, all doshas can benefit from its cooling effects, though Kaphas should use it sparingly. It also stimulates the liver to produce fat soluble vitamins. It strengthen the nervous system.

Urad Daal Black (Split)

Rich in vitamins, minerals, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, dietary fibers and devoid of cholesterol, it helps to balance vata and supports the smooth functioning of brain and nervous system.

Brown Rice

More heating and dry and thus better for Kapha, it has vitamins (B5), minerals, fibre, riboflavin and iron, all of which is needed for our body's strength. As this rice is also rich in magnesium, manganese and Vitamin E it makes these wonderful fuel for the brain.

Cow Milk Powder

As long as it's processed carefully it has the same amount of calcium, protein and vital nutrients as liquid milk, with the benefit that it is convenient to use and carry. Helps in boosting brain power.

Sesame Seeds White

These contains four flavors: hot, bitter, sweet and pungent. They provides strength, help in managing phlegm, are useful with excessive urination and beneficial to hair. It helps reduce stress and neurosis in brain.


They are rich in essential nutrients, anti-oxidants, and are an excellent source of B & E vitamins, dietary minerals & fiber, mono-saturated fatty acids and also proteins. Vitamin – E present in peanuts act as a powerful antioxidant and helps to keep brain healthy.


It is useful for constipation, anaemia, fever as well as sexual dysfunction and is helpful in healthy weight gain. They also have a positive impact on teeth, eyes and bones. Rich source of boron which helps to increase memory, attention and hand eye coordination.

Soyabean Whole

It is a rich source of proteins, dietary fiber and omega 3, it also helps protect the heart, brain, reduces menopause effects, promotes bone health and reduces risk of diabetes.




Note: Products on our website are bench-marked to the finest National and International Standards, and recognized by universally respected third party agencies affiliated to certifying regulatory bodies like the National Organic Program (USA), EU-Eco-Regulation (Europe), National Programme for Organic Production (India), etc. Our Mission is to provide you with 100% Organic and Certified Export Quality Products, however Fruits and Vegetables (F&V) and Herbs etc. may not be always Organic due to unavailability and so we might substitute them with Natural Products. We encourage you to contact us for any Product Specific details in case of any questions. Text and Images above are for Informational and Educational purpose only and should not be considered as a substitute doctor's advice. Consult your doctor or CLICK HERE for One-to One Consultancy from our doctors / dieticians. CLICK HERE to know more about the Health Benefits, Nutritional Information and ways to Consume the Products of this Basket. You can also write to us at and/or call us at 180030004933 to connect with one of our Health Experts to further Personalise your Prakratik Health Basket.

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